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Kim Lee: Bio

Born in Hong Kong and transplanted to New York at the age of 18 months, Kim Lee spent a turbulent childhood against a backdrop of turbulent times. It was not until his twenties, in the deserts of Arizona, that he began the process of reclaiming the culturally (and personally) rejected and disregarded parts of himself. Many of the songs that appear on Unconditional Love were written over the two decades of these Arizona Years. In 1994, Kim moved to the plains of eastern Colorado, but 'love' called him back to New York where he lived for eight years beginning in 2008. At the end of 2016, Kim returned to Arizona where he resides now.

The spark that finally burst this CD into manifestation came from his 2005 visit to John of God in Abadiania Brazil. It was in this remote and holy village that Kim felt the profound peace that comes from an environment saturated in unconditional love. Each day Kim participated in the healing current at The Casa, and most evenings, he played his songs at the local cafes. During his two weeks stay at Abadiania, he was asked by dozens of people where they could purchase his music. And when the audiences gathered each night repeatedly heard that he didn’t have a CD, he was urged by all to get busy and put one together! “There is,” he was told, “a great need for the world to hear the messages you sing about.”

So with no knowledge of the music business and little money to buy time in a recording studio, he gathered together the best takes of songs he recorded on cassette, and had them transferred onto a CD. He hopes that people will relate to the life lessons he has struggled with, and the universal questions expressed – questions that are asked by all who undertake a soul searching life.

Kim Lee’s songwriting style was shaped by guitar troubadours of the 1970's such as John Denver, Harry Chapin, and Gordon Lightfoot. Like these musical poets from his youth, Kim uses an acoustic guitar and his voice to put close-to-the-heart emotional issues into beautiful melodies and expressive lyrics.