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Kim Lee: Music

Unconditional Love

(Kim Lee)
January 16, 2006
Words & Music by K.R.Lee (c) 2006
(A song about the hardest lesson I'm still struggling to learn.)

Sometimes it's so hard
to keep an angry mouth shut.
It's hard not to feel hurt
when you know that you've been cut.
It isn't always easy
turning the other cheek.
And, Lord knows, I seldom remember
to think before I speak.

Unconditional Love ~
it's the hardest thing for me to learn.
Unconditonal Love ~
'cause when I feel the anger,
I start to burn.
Unconditional Love ~
There's a rage inside me that will not listen to
Unconditional Love.
Oh, Lord, help my heart to hear.

It's so easy
to be loving to those who are loving to me.
It's so easy,
and it comes so naturally.
But the moment I feel walked on,
or think I'm being used,
my mind cries out for vengeance . . .
because my ego has been bruised.
And I know that this is not the way
that we are meant to live.
I know we're meant to see with loving eyes,
and to all we're meant to give
Unconditional Love.

I know you're whispering
for me to live with
Unconditional Love.
So please teach me, Lord,
just how to give with
Unconditional Love
'cause there's a rage inside me
that will not listen to
Unconditional Love.

I know you'll help my heart to hear ~
Help my cold, cold heart to hear . . .
Unconditional Love.