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Kim Lee: Music

Life Has No Guarantees

(Kim Lee)
January 16, 2006
Words & Music by K.R.Lee (c) 2006
(When things don't always work out the way we hope for, we need to remind ourselves there's a bigger picture than what we're seeing.)

Life has no guarantees
of turning out the way we want things to be.
But one day we'll understand ~~
We're all a part of a larger plan.
So often we'd like to know
why people come,
why people go.
But we must learn to believe . . .
We're all right where
we need to be!

And the times we share together,
are for making our souls
into something much better.
And love is more than touching and kissing ~~
There's a yearning inside
for something truer that's missing.

Heavenly Father,
sometimes I wander
so far from you.
But patiently you wait for me
to do what you created me to do.

And the time that I've been given,
is to share all I can
with this world that I live in.
But sometimes I get lonely,
and I look to someone
who can be there to hold me.

Give me the strength I need
to walk alone
and let You
take the lead.
Shape my life to do what I can
to make the best
of who I am ~~
Who I am!

You know who I am!