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Kim Lee: Music

Been That Mean

(Kim Lee)
January 16, 2006
Words & Music by K.R.Lee (c) 2006
(A true story and my tribute to teachers everywhere)

She was one of the prettiest teachers I'd seen,
but she had one eye that looked at him,
and one eye that looked at me.
And we'd both pretend
we didn't know which one
that she was trying to see.

OH YEAH, kids can be cruel,
and I was no exception.
I made fun of that teacher
and spent time in detention.
And it finally got so bad
that she didn't want me
in her class anymore . . .
She even moved my desk
outside the door.

She was a teacher who LOVED her work ~~
'til I came along,
for I made her feel just like
she didn't belong.
And it was only because
her eyes were different from ours ~~
Spread apart from the time she was born . . .
But she had such a CARING
heart that was friendly and warm.

One day news came around ~~
That teacher finally had left.
And the days passed without her . . .
Still no sign of her yet.
And I felt really bad
that maybe I'D made her quit,
for I knew that I'd hurt that teacher . . .
quite a bit.

The new year of school began ~~
And who did I see?
It was that same pretty teacher ~~
and she looked STRAIGHT at me!
Her eyes were no longer
spread apart like before.
And she was looking quite happy,
and feeling quite self-assured!

And I hope she still teaches,
for she sure did teach me
about getting past obstacles
to be who you want to be.
And though I never told her,
well, just between you and me ~~
She was one of the prettiest teachers
that I'd ever seen!
And how I wish that I
had never been that mean.

Oh no, I wish that I had NEVER ~~
been that mean!