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Kim Lee: Music

Brighter World

(Kim Lee)
Words & Music by Kim Lee (c) 2007
I was feeling irritable and frustrated, and a good friend gave me some wise advice which I made into this song.

Feeling alone, my thoughts turn to you
A smile comes over my face as they take me from . . . blue.
You’ve always said, “Life’s too short to be sad,
And no one’s worth wasting your time being mad anymore."

“Just live every day with joy in your heart
‘Cause only with you, can a brighter world start.
Life still goes on with a smile or a frown
But it’s far more fun being ‘up‘ than being ‘down’ ~ that’s for sure!”

These things that you say, I know they’re all true
But they only seep into my soul when I hear them from you.
So I thought I’d remind you what you mean to me ~
You bring out the best of what I’m meant to be.

Thank you, my friend!
You know I’ll love you till the end!

When I’m feeling alone, my thoughts will turn to you . . .