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Kim Lee: News

MP3 for $7 now available at CD - March 10, 2008

'Unconditional Love' can now be downloaded in MP3 format at CD for $7. Just go to the LINKS page and click on the MP3 link!

"Cranes for Peace and Calm" has it's own website now! - March 15, 2007

Hi everyone,
The new song "Cranes for Peace and Calm" has its own website as of Friday, March 16 2007. The new website is Here you can join people from all over the world who are adding their own cranes and sending prayers and messages for peace and calm in the world. It's a wonderful tool to send out loving vibrations to our home and community on Planet Earth.
So click on the above link to connect directly to the new site!

Peace and Calm to all,

Lyrics added under Music - January 17, 2007

Hi all,
Just a note to let you know I've included the lyrics to each song so that you can get a better sense of the songs in their entirety. Just click on the title of each song to read the lyrics below each sound clip.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my music!

No cd's in Abadiania - July 23, 2006

I recently received news from a friend that my cd's are not down in Abadiania, so for some reason it seems they never made it back to Brazil. I know that people have reported running into problems at customs, so they may very well have been confiscated at the border. So presently, they are only available through CD on-line.
Lyrics for new songs I'm working on can be read at so check it out sometime, and THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

John of God in Atlanta event - May 13, 2006

The event in Atlanta brought thousands of people each day to the 3 day event. As it turned out, I was only able to play one song "Abadiania" for the main audience the first day. But from those that did hear me play, I was touched by the response that the song invoked for those individuals. Those who have been to Abadiania could fully relate to my own experience I sang about in the song. One woman who is from Brasil told me the song gave her a deeper appreciation for her homeland. Additionally, the organizers of the event invited people to attend a concert after the second days' event featuring a wonderful chanting group followed by myself. Though only a small group of people attended this concert, it was a delightful sharing and I finished with my song "Stay" in which I had the audience join me in the choruses of the song. It was great fun, and I received a lot of positive and heartwarming feedback from those in attendance. At the end of the event, I donated a box of 100 cd's to John of God to take back with him to Abadiania so that he can sell them for whatever he can to further his work there, so those traveling to the Casa will be able to purchase my cd's there as well. I will continue to donate $3 from each sale of my cds here in the States to his work as I feel strongly that his work is a necessary and beneficial service to life here on this earthly plane.
No cameras were allowed during the event, so unfortunately, I don't have pictures to share with you from my sing-a-longs.
Gratitude goes out to all who have taken time to give a listen to my music! And I wish abundant blessings to all!

Worldwide sales! - February 6, 2006

As we draw near the first month anniversary of the release of my first cd, I am humbled by the fact that already people from 3 continents have brought my music to their little corners of the earth! It was one of my requests when I went to the Casa, that I asked if the doors would be open for my music to be received on a more world-wide basis. I would have to say that the answer is a resounding "YES!"
Thanks to all who have taken this music to their heart, and may we continue to benefit the work of the Casa throughout the new year!

Performing in Atlanta! - January 21, 2006

I've just been invited to perform at the John of God in Atlanta event April 2nd - April 4th, and to sell my cd's there as well! I am honored and thrilled to have this opportunity to share my music and to help benefit the work of Brazilian healer, Joao de Deus. Please join us for a healing experience you will never forget and that will be life changing ~ I guarantee!
Hope to see you there!

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